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Jobs in Frederick County

During the Young Board there has been a net increase of 3,015 jobs in Frederick County.  This is to be contrasted with a net job loss of 343 jobs during the Gardner Board term[1].  During the first 3 ½ years of the Young Board the unemployment rate has dropped from 6.9% to 4.9% in Frederick […]

The Wise Use of TIFs Can Benefit Frederick County

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a method for financing public infrastructure (usually roads) by using a portion of new property tax revenues for a specific development for a fixed period of time. In a period of time where public financing for road improvements is scarce, TIF financing can help bring about some road improvements that […]


Statement by Paul Smith, County Commissioner, from November 25, 2013. This is in response to a steady stream of letters and articles criticizing the BOCC’s sale of Citizens/Montevue. The County’s sale of Citizens/Montevue will not only reduce the County’s tax burden by $4 million/year, but it will also help the County to put in place a […]

Frederick County Addresses Homelessness

The plight and the needs of homeless people in our community have been topics of considerable discussion during recent weeks. Frederick County Government has a long-standing history of providing housing assistance for the needy. The County currently delivers over $6 million a year in housing assistance. In addition to this, the County has recently joined […]

Young Board Has Been Fiscally Responsible

The Young Board Has Been More Fiscally Responsible Than the Gardner Board Jan Gardner’s campaign falsely accuses the Young Board of being fiscally irresponsible and for making out-of-control expenditures. However, at the same time, she urged the Young Board to fully fund the BOE’s request to increase its funding by $17 million. Many astute observers picked […]

Monrovia Town Center (MTC) PUD Zoning Change

THE MONROVIA TOWN CENTER PUD ZONING CHANGE CASE AND DEVELOPER RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES AGREEMENT April 24, 2014 On April 23, 2014, the BOCC voted to approve the zoning change for Monrovia Town Center from Agriculture to a Planned Unit Development (Rezoning Case # R-12-02) and the proposed Developer Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA # 23-06). This […]

Education Funding in the FY2015 Budget

One of the most important considerations in the County budget is the proper funding of our public schools. I am committed to support funding FCPS at a level that will enable them to provide an excellent, top-rate education for our children. The funding for FCPS in this budget ($244 million) will continue to accomplish this. […]