Corruption Probe into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation

A Very Serious Problem that Should Cause Americans to Reject…

McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010)

Supreme Court upholds personal right to bear arms by C. Paul…

Affordable Care Act (2010) - An Assault on Liberty

By C. Paul Smith, July 3, 2010 In the true spirit of American…

Democrats' Criticism of Citizens United Is Wrong

Letter to the editor, February 10, 2016. In their victory…
voting booth

Post-Election Report and Analysis

Carol Krimm and Karen Young won the two State Delegate slots…
friendship gratifying

Election Results: Maryland House of Delegates

I was not successful in capturing one of the two seats for…
maryland route 75

Stormwater and Route 75

This is in response to three opinion pieces in Sunday’s Frederick…
attack mailer false

Yet Another Attack Piece Full of Misstatements

Paul Smith responds to yet another attack piece full of falsehoods,…