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Post-Election Report and Analysis

Carol Krimm and Karen Young won the two State Delegate slots…
friendship gratifying

Election Results: Maryland House of Delegates

I was not successful in capturing one of the two seats for…
which is the real paul smith - the one we know

5 Halloween Hit Pieces from the House Democratic Committee Slate

The following ad will be printed in the Frederick News Post…
attack mailer false

Yet Another Attack Piece Full of Misstatements

Paul Smith responds to yet another attack piece full of falsehoods,…
rain tax drop

Opponents Are Silent on These Issues

Why are my opponents silent on these issues? Tax and Budget…

Reforms Needed to Clean the Bay

Laws and policies for cleaning our Maryland waters should include…

Clean Chesapeake Coalition

In 2012 Dorchester County Maryland initiated an organization…

Anacostia Riverkeepers vs. Maryland Department of Environment and Montgomery County, MD

The Clean Water Act of 1972 (CWA) authorizes any citizen to file…

2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement

In June of 2014 six states, the District of Columbia, the United…
O'Malley makes Chesapeake Bay oyster announcement

When Does the Cost of Cleaning the Bay become Impracticable?

One of the highest priorities for the O’Malley Administration…