BOCC Wrong on Proposed City Annexations

Re: the proposedCrumland and Thatcher/COPT annexations

Dear Commissioners:

Thank you for attending the City’s news conferenceyesterday and for your comments. As Iexpressed yesterday, I am still prepared to listen to and address specificissues and problems with respect to the annexations on which the Board ofAldermen is scheduled to vote tomorrow. However, unless I am presented with a significant issue or problem forwhich I do not have a satisfactory response or explanation, it is my intent tovote on the annexation proposals tomorrow. I believe it is in the City’s best interest to do this. (I do not speak for the other Aldermen; I donot know how they will vote on this.)

I recognize that this is not the response youwanted. You asked that the City postponevoting on the annexations so that you can discuss with the City various concernsyou have about these annexations. But atthis point you have not identified any issue that, in my opinion, warrants ourdelaying a vote on the annexations. TheMayor, the Aldermen and the City staff have spent a lot of time and have thoroughlyanalyzed the proposed annexations. Thereis a substantial amount of time, resources and City expense to undertake thethorough evaluation that has been given to this. The public, including the County, has hadmany months to address these proposed annexations. During this time, many issues and problemshave been identified and addressed. Currently, the proposed annexation agreements are, in my opinion, verybeneficial to the City and its residents, and each of them will be very helpfulin meeting the future needs of the City and the entire region. Enclosed are some memos I have written thatstate some of the reasons why I believe the Crumland and Thatcher proposedannexations will be beneficial to the City.

Again, I am sending you this letter now to confirm that Iintend to vote on the annexations tomorrow, and to give you one lastopportunity to make specific comments or suggestions on these proposedannexations.

Thank you for your interest and your service.

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