Re-election Bid for Alderman Annoucnement

Paul Smith Announces Re-election Bid for Alderman
4:00 p.m. Friday, May 22, 2009
Front Steps of City Hall

Commissioner Jenkins, Sheriff Jenkins, Mayor Holtzinger, Alderman Imhoff, friends and my fellow citizens. Thank you for attending this event and for participating in this announcement.

I am here to announce that I intend to run for re-election for one of the five seats on the Frederick City Board of Aldermen.

At this time the City faces several challenges that I believe require the leadership and abilities of someone such as myself to help us meet them. These challenges include: (1) maintaining a strong city economy during a serious national and international financial crisis; (2) maintaining an efficient and thrifty city government; (3) continuing to bring businesses to Carroll Creek, Monocacy Boulevard, and other key locations in the city; (4) completing key annexations to the city; (5) finding a new and permanent home for the Police Department; and (6) moving forward on key transportation projects, including (a) Monocacy Blvd, (b) the US 15/Monocacy Blvd interchange, (c) securing the commitment of the State to rebuild and widen the bridges for US 15 at Patrick Street, Rosemont Ave. and 7th Street as break-out priorities on the I-270/US 15 Multi-Modal study/project. There are over a dozen additional projects and initiatives that the next city administration will need to meet.

For the city to successfully address, accomplish and meet these challenges, it is important that we have elected officials with the vision, wisdom, experience and courage to meet the challenges and bring success to the City. I submit that I am uniquely qualified and able to help the city meet these challenges. I will briefly explain why.

An elected official who does not have a VISION for the city cannot be expected to be a good leader for the City. We need someone who sees a certain future for the city, and who then works to bring to pass that vision. I certainly do have such a vision, and my record is evidence that I work to bring to pass that vision. Specifically, during the past four years the Mayor and Board promptly passed the Potomac River Water Supply Agreement, which will ensure the city that we have adequate water for the next 50 years. In addition, the city has continued to repair and rebuild new water and sewer lines to insure that we do not waste our precious water supply.

The city has continued to develop Carroll Creek and has brought many new businesses to the Monocacy Boulevard area. The city has recently pursued certain annexations that will be advantageous to the city. This administration has also trimmed and stream-lined the city government so that it is more effective and efficient. The City has improved its ability to do in-house some of the building and engineering work which it has previously contracted for others to do. The combination of these measures has saved the City close to a million dollars/year. This improved city government will be especially helpful to the city during the continuing economic downturn. This substantial improvement in the strength of our city government is not happenstance—it is the result of specific, choices, decisions and actions taken by people of vision that run the government.

We need elected officials with WISDOM. Wisdom is more than the possession of a lot of facts and knowledge. Wisdom is the application of knowledge with the judgment that at the same time advances one’s vision without inadvertently creating too many accessory problems. Inherent in a legislature’s challenge to solve problems is the risk that by solving one problem, the legislature can increase taxes, expand the size of government, and can also pass overly broad legislation that could bring about a myriad of unintended and undesirable consequences. A good legislator will both foresee such problems AND will have the courage to speak up and guard against legislation that would bring more problems than it would solve. I believe I possess the judgment and wisdom to best protect the city’s interests in this respect.

We all have our own set of EXPERIENCES in life. I submit that the set of experience that I bring is extremely valuable to the city. I have over 30 years of experience as an attorney, parent, coach, scoutmaster, and student of constitutional government. To this I now have 3

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