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The Holtzinger Administration has made tremendous progress on many road projects in and around the City. The accomplishments include agreements and plans that will save the City $20-25 million. I have been a part of this, and this writing will summarize these impressive accomplishments, which will benefit the City for years to come. (See the list on the back page.)

As the City’s representative to Washington Council of Government’s Transportation Planning Board (TPB), for 3 ½ years I have worked closely with legislators from the entire Washington, D. C. region in planning and securing funding for regional transportation matters. This participation is essential in order for the City to get our share of funds that come from the federal government to the State. For four years I have chaired the City’s Streets & Sanitation Committee, and I participate in the regular meetings of the Frederick Area Committee on Transportation (FACT), the City’s Airport Commission, and the County’s Transit Services Advisory Council (TSAC) (which addresses local and regional bus and train issues). The FACT and TPB meetings are especially important because it is there that I regularly interface with the people who influence the funding and decision-making for regional transportation projects.

In a few weeks, we will celebrate the opening of the new East Street interchange on I-70. This will culminate over ten years of work, beginning with the work to convince the State how important it was to fund and build this new entrance into the city. This $90+ million project is funded by the State (and indirectly by the federal government). This will alleviate the terrible congestion on South Market Street that for years has extended all the way to Route 85 and has plagued citizens. East Street will now provide a new way to get into the downtown, in addition to South Market Street.

The City is already moving forward to lobby for the State (and federal government) to plan, fund and build other projects that are needed. The City is currently working with the County to move forward with the Monocacy Boulevard interchange on US 15 and to improve the Meadow Road interchange on I-70. The City continues to lobby the State to build a North/South Parallel Road east of the City, which would alleviate traffic congestion in the city. The City shows this road on its Comprehensive Plan. It is my sincere hope that in the future the County will also take an active role in advocating for this regional (federal) project that can ease the congestion that occurs on US 15, as this road daily becomes a bottleneck that clogs traffic south to Washington and east to Baltimore.

Important transportation work remains to be done for the City. But here (on the back) is a list of some of the major accomplishments in the area of roads and transportation that I have been a part of during the past four years.

Continued work on roads and transportation issues is extremely important for the City so that the City can benefit from the growth that is coming rather than being stifled and damaged by growth. Planning and work on transportation issues is some of the most important work for the city to do. I believe I am the candidate with the best vision and understanding of these issues, and the candidate best able to help the City to make progress in this area.


October 2009

–The City just broke ground on the center section of Monocacy Boulevard. This will create for the first time an eastern route around the city. The road was re-aligned by the Holtzinger administration to take advantage of previously acquired property—a change that will save the City $5 million. The road will also include a prefabricated bridge that the City purchased, and which will save another $1 million on this project.

–Improving the section of Gas House Pike just east of the Monocacy River.

–Continued working with the County to fund the planning for the Monocacy Boulevard interchange on US 15 so that the State will make this road improvement a priority break-out project on the I-270/US 15 Multi-Modal Corridor Project. The annexation of the Thatcher Property created a substantial and valuable incentive to that property owner to contribute to the building of this interchange. The completion of this project will enable the State to close the Hayward Road intersection.

–Acquiring the Sanner farm (north of the city), to enable the City to build the critical, missing link in the Christopher Crossing/Monocacy Boulevard loop around the city.

–Approving a special taxing district agreement for property on the west side of town that will require the developer of Waverly View to make $10 million in improvements to Shookstown Road, Christopher Crossing and Waverly View Drive.

–Annexing the Crumland and Thatcher properties, will obtain 50-60 acres of land to build the US 15 interchange at Biggs Ford Road. In addition these annexations will provide valuable incentives for these land owners to make additional contributions to the building of this interchange, so that this interchange can be built. (This would be the northern terminus of the North/South Parallel Road.)

–Through the Crumland annexation, obligating that land owner to build a one-mile extension of Willowbrook Road, which will save the City $5-8 million;

–The City is urging the State to make priority break-out projects for the 3 bridge-widening improvements planned for the Patrick Street, Rosemont Avenue and Seventh Street bridges on US 15. These improvements should be scheduled before others on the I-270/US15 Multi-Modal Corridor Project because their cost is relatively minor and their impact on alleviating traffic congestion is very great.

–Acquisition of the Hargett Farm enabled us to start planning for a new alignment of the Butterfly Lane-Route 180 intersection, one of the worst intersections in the city.

–Completion of the extended left turn lane from Opossumtown Pike (north) to TJ Drive.

–Working with the SHA to plan for extensive, additional changes in the Opossumtown Pike-TJ Drive intersection—so that this, the worst intersection in the city, will be vastly improved when (in the next 3-4 years) the State rebuilds the Motter Avenue Bridge over US 15.

–The City will shortly celebrate the opening of the new East Street interchange on I-70 and the completion of East Street Extention (to connect East Street to I-70).

–The City is planning to add a turn lane at the intersection of East Street and East Patrick Street so that when the new, East Street interchange at I-70 opens, the traffic will flow smoothly, without congestion.

–The City is also prepared to build a perimeter road inside of, but around the Municipal Airport that will be accessible to emergency vehicles and provide a quick way around the east side of the city. This road will be funded 95% by the State.

By authority of the Candidate, C. Paul Smith, Donna N. Robison, Treasurer.

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