Affordable Care Act (2010) – An Assault on Liberty

By C. Paul Smith, July 3, 2010

In the true spirit of American freedom, I offer today some views on the state of our liberty. My friend Alan predicted that this writing would be too long. I guess he may be right. But for those of you whose attention spans have the capacity to consider thoughts for periods of time in excess of 60 seconds, perhaps you will find this intriguing or thought-provoking, if not interesting.

America today is undergoing an assault on our fundamental liberties. The assault is only partly the battles waging in Iraq and Afghanistan. The assault I speak of is from within—as many Americans are willing to sell their liberty for security. The irony of this assault is that whoever sells his liberty for security eventually ends up losing his security, too. For almost a hundred years, many people who have championed the study of philosophy over real work experience, have sought to embrace socialism and bring it to America. Never mind the fact that socialism has never proven to be a viable economic system—its proponents nevertheless continue to press with fervent zeal to establish it in America. These zealots deny or dismiss the collapse of the Soviet Union as proof of the folly of socialism. And for the most part, they don’t openly call themselves socialists. But that is what they are. And today, they comprise the majority party in the United States Congress.

Today’s socialists couch most of their objectives in terms of helping the people—and thereby their siren calls are indeed appealing to many people. But like the Sirens who called to Ulysses, those who heed those calls for security are led to frustration and destruction.

The primary part of the socialists agenda today is Universal, Government Delivered Health Care. It sounds so appealing—especially to those who can’t afford to buy their own. But the recently passed Health Care Reform Act, if not changed or abandoned, will cause economic ruin to the nation, and will ultimately make American health care more expensive and of lesser quality. At the same time it will destroy the current, contract driven health care industry and replace it with government controlled health care. Once our health care system is insulated from the competitive, free market forces, then the quality of our health care will be eroded—leaving in its place long lines and long waits.

The zealots who passed Health Care Reform are happy that some other issues have now taken the front page attention away from the Health Care Reform law. But even if the Gulf Oil Spill, the Arizona border enforcement law, and the firing of General McCrystal all combine to divert the nation’s attention away from the Health Care Reform issues—the devastation that will be wrought by it will nevertheless grow and develop until its economic damage is complete.

The Health Care Reformers do not understand how their law will devastate the nation. They actually claim that it will reduce taxes and will boost the economy. They give no rational support for this proposition, but that does not deter them from making their preposterous claims that it will cure our current economic ills. But our current economic slump is a natural market correction that was precipitated by a national economy based upon easy credit and overly inflated property values. If anyone ever needed proof that the Administration’s approach to correcting the recession is mistaken, you need only observe how the Administration is doubling and tripling our national debt in order to jump start the economy. In case you haven’t noticed—it isn’t working. And yet the Administration insists that more debt is the answer.

The Gulf oil spill by BP is being exploited by the Administration as an opportunity to condemn private enterprise and to extol the virtues of a government that punishes private enterprises so that no one can get too rich. To these socialists, redistribution of wealth is the solution to all our national problems. But the problem with this approach is that redistribution only works until it uses up all the riches of the wealthy. Then, the socialists wonder why their economic system has lost all its vital signs.

The socialists give lip service to the virtues of private industry; but even though they sometimes say they are pro-business, they are constantly passing laws that hinder and plunder business in order to help the needy. The socialists can’t say “no” to any new program that will help some needy group: The rich must pay to help the less fortunate—so they say. But now, when those who receive government aid are more than those who pay money into the government coffers—we now have a recipe for the self-destruction of our economic system. What does a socialistic society do when it runs out of other people’s money? It collapses.

America is on the path to economic collapse, as this Administration continues to attack private business and continues to add government programs (financed by more taxes).

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