Children’s Books

Be Glad You’re Not a Rock

‘Twas the Night After Christmas

The True Story of Santa Claus

Smith Books

by David McCullough

Black Out
by Candace Owens

Do What You Said You Would Do
by Jim Jordan

Follow the Money
by Dan Bongino

For Such a Time as This
by Kayleigh McEnany

My American Life
by Lauren Boebert

Live Free or Die
by Sean Hannity

New Deal or Raw Deal
by Burton Folsom Jr.

The Great Reset
by Glenn Beck, Justin Haskins

American Marxism
by Mark R. Levin

Unfreedom of the Press
by Mark R. Levin

Case Against the New Censorship
by Alan Dershowitz

The Federalist Papers
Introduction by Alan Dershowitz

Political Prisoner
by Paul Manafort

In the above video, Paul Smith talks about his book, “The Fetal Right to Life Argument,” in The Dr. Ward Bond Show. They discuss the Row v Wade Supreme Court case and the balancing of a woman’s right to control her body through abortion with the unborn baby’s right to life.