C. Paul Smith, Attorney at LawMr Smith has a civil litigation law practice in Montgomery and Frederick Counties, Maryland, where he has been practicing for over 42 years.

Paul’s office is located at 308 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701. Contact Mr Smith today at (301) 762-0033 or cpaulsmith@gmail.com

At this point in time, Paul’s law practice is primarily limited to the handling of estate and probate matters.  During Paul’s 40+ years of practicing law he has handled a wide variety of legal matters, including much civil litigation, family law, adoptions, real estate, bankruptcy, business matters and some criminal and juvenile matters.  But at this point, he refers most of these matters to other attorneys.  He now spends considerable time writing about religious and political matters of great importance.  You can go to the Bookstore link for more information about some of these.

Paul Making Oral Argument to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals (fast forward to 16:00 to see Paul)