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Announcement that Paul Smith is Running for Maryland House of Delegates District 3A

Dear Friends,

I am running for election as one of the Delegates for District 3A to represent us in Annapolis. District 3A is comprised of the City of Frederick, plus the Clover Hill and Spring Ridge areas. The district is currently represented by Patrick Hogan and Galen Claggett, neither of whom is seeking re-election. District 3A needs a delegate with sound economical judgment and who understands the needs of Frederick. I believe I am the best candidate to do this, but I will need your help to win the election. Your support through funding, through displaying signs, through speaking positively of me to others, and through voting will bring victory in November.

I believe the biggest campaign issue this year will be the State’s out-of-control spending. This year the Legislature has passed a $39 billion budget, which is $1.5 billion more than last year’s budget. This increased cost of government will be paid for by increasing tax revenues and by shifting some of that burden down to the counties. (See the attached issues sheet.) This year’s budget is not economically sustainable. It cannot be justified. If these increases do not stop, they will impair many businesses and destroy some of them. They will cause businesses to leave the state, property values to drop, foreclosures to increase, and unemployment to increase. They will cause dire financial problems for individuals, for families and for local governments. District 3A needs to elect someone who can help stop the excessive tax increases.

The State cannot solve every problem, nor can it fund every request for financial help. There are limits to what the State can do, and to what it should do. The State cannot continue to increase benefits without limits. The State is currently on an unsustainable track that will ruin the State and families and businesses if not corrected. This is where I can help. Frederick needs a voice of soundness to help reign in the State Legislature. We must have a voice in Annapolis who has the courage to say NO to unconstrained funding requests.

Please join me in the effort to restore sound fiscal governance to Maryland, and to help keep Frederick the best place to live in the State.

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