Opponents Are Silent on These Issues

Why are my opponents silent on these issues?

  • maryland budget and tax increasesTax and Budget Increases – State budgets have increased over $1 billion/year for the last 8 years (from a budget of $29 billion to $39.5 billion).  The Maryland budget is now $3 billion more than the Massachusetts budget ($36 billion), and Massachusetts has almost 700,000 more people.   These exorbitant budget increases all come with a price tag of new and higher taxes.  Do you think you can count on my opponents to say no to new tax increases?
  • common core appleCommon Core – Even though Maryland has arguably the best education system in America, the State is discarding its curriculum for the new, more costly, experimental Common Core.  Common Core will double the amount of student testing, significantly increase the cost of education (especially through more testing costs), and establish a new, nationally-set curriculum.  If Maryland public education was so good, why are we abandoning it for a lesser product?  Do you think you can count on my opponents to say no to Common Core?
  • rain tax dropRain Tax – Maryland is proposing a “Stormwater Discharge Permit” for Frederick County (which will funded through a “rain tax”) that will increase individual property taxes by $350/year, as a part of a State plan to clean the Chesapeake Bay.  This is more than double the cost that the State is imposing on Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties.   This is a flawed plan that cannot succeed in cleaning the Bay, but which will punish Frederick County families and businesses.    No candidate has done more than Paul Smith to identify this serious problem and to attempt to correct it.  You haven’t heard my opponents speak out against this gross unfairness.  Do you think you can count on my opponents to say no to the unfair rain tax?
  • disgraceful partisan redistrictingRedistricting Abuses – Partisan politics in Maryland resulted in redistricting that is disgraceful.  The State Legislature’s intentional gerrymandering of both State and Congressional districts is now so distorted that it is a national joke.    Congressional District 3 is the absolute worst.  The Governor and partisan Legislature re-designed Districts 6 and 8 in order to split Frederick County into two districts and to make sure that a Republican could not be elected in District 6.  This makes a mockery of representative government.  Senator Young supported this, and the other opponents are silent on this.  Do you think you can count on them to support fair districting?

Because they don’t intend to do anything about them. 

My opponents promise to do more and to spend more money to solve more and more problems.  But there are limits to what the taxpayers can afford.  We need to elect delegates who have the wisdom and courage to say NO to some programs/tax increases.   I question whether my opponents will dare to say no to their party bosses who can’t stop increasing State budgets, taxes and mandates.  If you care about these issues, you will vote for the one candidate who has consistently spoken out against these problems, and who has already been working to correct them.   Vote for Paul Smith, Candidate for State Delegate, District 3A.

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