Yet Another Attack Piece Full of Misstatements

Paul Smith responds to yet another attack piece full of falsehoods, the third that has been sent to Frederick residents in the last 6 days.

attack mailer falseToday, October 22nd, residents of Frederick received the third attack mailer from the House Democrats attempting to convince voters NOT to vote for me for Maryland House of Delegates.  This one again portrayed me as being the enemy of working women–a completely false accusation.

In today’s piece they quote me as saying “women should stay home and stay married if they want their children to succeed in life, just like his wife did.”  Not only is their grammar bad, but the Democrats really twisted my words.  Furthermore, the sources they cite are two articles by the liberal Gazette and Frederick NewsPost.  Not only are these not “primary” sources, but the Democrat Slate that wrote the hit piece knows the County link where one can watch the video of exactly what I said.  They misstated me—and did so in a way to try to make me sound bad.

With regard to my contributions to NARTH—Yes, I have made small contributions to NARTH.  But the Democrat Slate made a major misrepresentation of “reparative therapy.”  It is incorrect to state that this therapy “tries to convert gays and lesbians into heterosexuals.”  Reparative therapy is for those who wish to diminish or change erotic, same-sex attraction that they may be experiencing.  It is a voluntary therapy.  Why is it that the Democrat Slate wishes to criticize and belittle those men and women who desire to change the same-sex attraction that they may experience?   People have a right to choose to become straight as much as to become gay.  Why does the Democrat Slate choose to criticize these people?  Someone who is not prejudiced  would not speak disparagingly of “reparative therapy.”

As an attorney I have had a number of gay clients through the years.  I have some now.  I represent them with the same thoroughness and vigilance that I do for all my clients.  As an attorney, it is not my role to judge them.  I respect all of my clients, and I respect all people.

The Democrat attack piece states that my values “are not the values Frederick is built on.”  As far as values are concerned, the Maryland House Democrat Slate is the one whose values are a problem.  If they had the value of integrity they would not stoop to misrepresentation, misstatement and ridicule of a particular class of people.  Shame on the Democrat Slate.

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