Corruption Probe into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation

A Very Serious Problem that Should Cause Americans to Reject Hillary Clinton

November 3, 2016

In the Presidential campaign there is a lot of breaking news regarding corruption in the State Department and in the Department of Justice. The allegations that are now being made expose corruption much worse than that which led to Richard Nixon’s resignation in connection with the Watergate cover-up.

To summarize the Watergate matter, prior to the November 1972 election, some Republicans broke into the premises of the Democrat Party at the Watergate Hotel. Later, evidence was discovered that President Nixon covered up information about the break-in. When evidence was made public that would support the charge that President Nixon had obstructed justice, Nixon resigned as President.

The information now surfacing shows corruption and improper peddling of influence by Hillary Clinton when and after she was at the State Department, and it exposes how Attorney General Lynch and the Department of Justice have been working to cover it up. It has come to light that Hillary Clinton was using the private server to try to keep secret actions of the Clinton Foundation in getting money in exchange for giving opportunities for governmental influence.

To some, the current investigation into Hillary’s emails may not seem to be that egregious, even though other people have been put in jail for lesser crimes than those which Hillary has committed. Pres. Obama characterizes Hillary’s acts as minor mistakes, and the President denied knowing that Hillary used a private server until the new media made it public. However, recently discovered emails make it clear that President Obama did know about Hillary’s private server long before this, and that he communicated with Hillary on the private server.

The Democrat take on Hillary’s email problem is that it is much ado about nothing. But while the email mistake may seem relatively minor, the cover-up that ensued is a gross violation of law. Furthermore, the investigation into the email matter has now exposed serious improper peddling of influence by Hillary while she was Secretary of the State and continuing afterwards as a candidate and potential candidate for President. There is now significant evidence that the President, the Attorney General, the Department of Justice and the State Department have contributed to block proper handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Many individuals are involved in this conspiracy. It is this intentional and improper handling of these FBI investigations that is absolutely despicable. The extent of this corrupt handling of federal investigations is much worse and much more extensive than the actions that led to Nixon’s resignation.

The reaction of the mainstream media to these revelations is indicative of the extreme bias in the mainsteam media. While The Washington Post led the charge against President Nixon in serving up innuendo and information leaks—including leaks that purportedly came from the FBI—today, The Washington Post criticizes those who report FBI leaks that are disparaging of Hillary. This double standard is patently hypocritical. But worse than that, it shows how The Washington Post and the other mainstream media are no longer trustworthy news services, but rather are complicit with Hillary and her party in obstructing the investigation of her alleged illegal actions.

When FBI Director James Comey announced on Oct. 28th that the FBI investigation of Hillary had resumed, I did not initially understand that the depth and extent of the resumed investigation would be as extensive as it is. But newly revealed information includes the following:

 The FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for over a year, and there is evidence that contributors, including foreign entities have contributed millions of dollars to acquire influence, including acquiring influence in the American government.
 There is evidence that five foreign governments have hacked Hillary’s private server and obtained access to classified information. This is evidence that Hillary allowed some protected national information to get into enemy hands, potentially endangering American lives and interests.
 There is evidence that President Obama knew about Hillary’s private server from the beginning, and that he lied about not knowing about it.
 There is substantial evidence that many FBI agents and officers are furious about the improper and biased investigations that have been made of the Clintons—they are furious that a Grand Jury was not impaneled; they are furious that the FBI ran a “sham” investigation.
 It has been exposed that those running the investigations against the Clintons are Clinton hacks.

If the allegations against Hillary are minor and insignificant, then so be it—let the
investigation run its natural course, and the results should not be a big deal. But when the Democrat Party politicized the FBI investigation and gave improper favoritism to Hillary, they turned it into a sham. When the Dept. of Justice and the President have combined to obstruct these criminal investigations—this turns the matter into a very serious criminal matter. And there is now evidence that President Obama has lied about it and that Attorney General Lynch has acted to impair and block the investigations. Both of them now face the prospect of criminal prosecution against them. These obstruction of justice allegations are more serious than those that led to Nixon’s resignation.

If our Justice Department ceases to administer justice with impartiality, then we turn America into a banana republic. The resumed investigation against Hillary Clinton is critical because it has exposed a serious impairment of our justice system, as the Department of Justice has been turned into a governmental power that is pledged to protect Hillary rather than to insure that our laws are applied equally to all citizens. The newly exposed favoritism towards Hillary is repulsive to the essence of justice in America. And this improper favoritism is corruption that goes to the very top of the American government—i.e., to President Obama and to Attorney General Lynch. The initial investigation was a sham! But maybe the renewed investigation will be done properly.

On October 28th, FBI Director Comey informed Congress that the investigation of Hillary Clinton was resuming because he had a duty to promptly so inform them. In July, Comey was broadly criticized by Republicans for not calling for a Grand Jury to consider the allegations against Hillary. Recently we have learned that many of the FBI agents have been furious with Comey for the mishandling of the Hillary investigation—Hillary was given favored treatment, and the investigation was a sham. Then, we learned that so many people were given prosecutorial immunity that there wasn’t anyone left to prosecute in connection with the investigation of Hillary. Then, on top of that, we learn that the FBI was ordered to destroy the laptops with the email information that was on them. I was appalled to learn this. Now I have learned that the FBI agents refused to destroy the evidence, and now we learn that there is evidence on the laptops of improper actions by Hillary and her associates. If this recitation of facts does not cause you to have grave concerns about the corruption in our government, then you are oblivious to fundamentals of fairness and equity. When the new information was presented to Comey, he had to renew the investigation into Hillary—failure to do so could irreparably destroy the credibility and integrity of the FBI. The new evidence made it clear to Comey that high government officials had been involved in improper hiding of evidence—whatever the outcome of the presidential election, he had to expose the extensive corruption of which he now had evidence, and it had to be done immediately.

With this backdrop, President Obama is now campaigning extensively to get Hillary elected. He now needs Hillary to be elected so that she can continue to work with him to block an investigation into this whole affair. Every day for the last few days President Obama has been repeatedly stating falsehoods and lies about Trump, in his efforts to defeat him. He needs for Hillary to be elected to help protect him from being held responsible for his lies, because his interests are now connected with those of Hillary. If Hillary is elected, then she can control who is appointed the head of the Department of Justice and the FBI; then she can continue to block investigations into her improper actions.

An independent prosecutor should have been appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation—but Obama and his hack, Lynch, don’t want it.

As for me, I am repulsed at the lies, hypocrisy and with the improper peddling of influence for money that has brought millions of dollars to Hillary through the Clinton Foundation—much of this from foreign nations. I am repulsed at the double standard that Obama and Hillary apply to themselves—which is lenient to them, but hard on others. If General Cartwright is in jail for his handling (or mishandling) of classified information, then so should Hillary be.

As I believe you all know, I have been supportive of the Republican candidates, including Trump, because the Republican approach was much better for America. I won’t repeat those reasons here, except to point out that it is a conflict between proponents of socialism and the proponents of the free enterprise system. There are some things about Donald Trump that I do not like. But I have supported his candidacy because I believe it will be much better for America to have him elected, whereas the

election of Hillary Clinton will advance many philosophies and policies that will continue to harm America. Now, however, there is an additional and very important reason to make sure that Hillary is not elected; her election will enthrone a vast corrupt government. This corruption is so extensive and serious that it must be stopped.

I am sharing this with you because some of you may not follow news developments as closely as I do. Also, I want to share with you some of my analysis. The mainstream media is not adequately discussing these things. Frankly, much of the mainstream media often will not even acknowledge the recent revelations of this serious corruption. This conspiracy to obstruct justice and hide information from the public—involving President Obama, Attorney General Lynch and many others in the Department of Justice—is very troubling to me. It is a vast conspiracy that should be exposed, and all participants in it should be defeated.

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