The Closing Argument with Paul Smith was a weekly podcast and national radio program from 2022 to 2024 that reported and commented on recent news events, court cases, and political developments. Each episode is 15-25 minutes in length and reached millions of Americans on AM/FM radio, including audiences that reach over 20 million people. Listeners enjoy Paul’s down-to-earth soundness in discussing events, people, court cases, legislation, and historical background that affect our Constitution, our economy, our environment, and our families.

Paul has the knack for asking the questions and making the points that lead to a deeper understanding of major events and developments. Paul brings to the microphone 45 years of experience as a trial attorney, author, and speaker. Paul challenges some politically correct views that vie for dominance. Paul is a conservative, but he is beholden to no one for his views, and he is not cowered into avoiding tough issues. This program is dedicated to the proposition that the liberties we enjoy in America can be maintained only when its citizens are informed participants in the democratic processes. The Closing Argument helps you to be fully informed on the day’s important issues.