The Closing Argument podcast is stimulating and informative discussions with various guests of many of today’s critical issues, including facts about climate change, capitalism, socialism, environmental policies, abortion, fetal rights, women’s rights, gender issues, racial equity, rule of law, traditional marriage, freedom of speech and religion, public education, and destructive progressive policies.

Today, loud and powerful voices for left-wing, radical policies and programs dominate the media, and are held by almost half of the nation’s elected leaders. Many of their views are being enacted into laws and policies, and their opposition is not only characterized as being politically incorrect, but is ridiculed and punished and sometimes physically attacked.

There is a great need for the conservatives in America to speak up, to become better informed, and to disseminate the facts and reasons that support our views that are the foundation of freedom and prosperity. We must do this, or else the fanatical and flawed views will take over our country. Paul Smith’s podcast, The Closing Argument, will help conservatives to be more influential in helping America to re-assert its commitment to traditional values. Conservatives will find this podcast interesting, informative and helpful in fighting the fight to retain the liberties that are the foundation of prosperity and freedom in America.